• Meeting of Subsidiary Bodies, June 2013

  • Chairing the LDC Group, Doha 2012

  • Warsaw climate conference, November 2013

  • LRI members at the Doha conference, December 2012

  • LRI and Edward Wabwoto from Kenya, June 2013

  • Flood protection in the Sundarbans, Bangladesh

  • Strategy meeting LDC Group, Kathmandu, May 2013

  • Panel discussion in Doha, December 2012

  • NGOs leaving the Warsaw conference

The Legal Response Initiative (LRI) supports the poorest most climate vulnerable developing countries through a network of lawyers from law firms, barrister chambers and universities.

To create a more level playing field between actors in the international climate negotiations LRI provides free legal assistance, advice and training to developing country delegates and civil society observers.