• ADP meeting during the climate conference in Lima, December 2014

  • LRI and Young Voices lawyers in Lima

  • Warsaw climate conference, November 2013

  • LRI and Edward Wabwoto from Kenya, June 2013

  • Flood protection in the Sundarbans, Bangladesh

  • Strategy meeting LDC Group, Kathmandu, May 2013

  • Meeting of Subsidiary Bodies, Bonn June 2013

  • Chairing the LDC Group, Doha 2012

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The international negotiations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) are amongst the most complex multilateral law and policy making process ever. The Legal Response Initiative (LRI) seeks to create a more level playing field between actors in the climate change negotiations.

LRI provides free legal support to poor and particularly climate vulnerable developing countries as well as civil society observer organisations. It works through a network of lawyers from law firms, barrister chambers and universities in different jurisdictions who give hands-on assistance during meetings, draft legal opinions or build the capacity of lawyers and negotiators from developing countries.

image LRI (compressed)