Legal capacity building has been identified by many developing countries as a key priority to make a meaningful contribution to the current climate change negotiations. In response, LRI has provided training for negotiators and country officials from Bangladesh, Nepal, Zambia, and other developing countries.

LRI works hand-in-hand with country stakeholders and partners to tailor training programmes that correspond to specific needs and stages in the negotiation process for a new deal on climate. Training programmes include teaching materials, presentations and practical exercises. Some of our training materials are available in the table below.

TopicsNotes and exercisesPresentations
Public international lawCourse notesPowerPoint presentation
International environmental law (IEL)Course notesPowerPoint presentation
Climate change regime – Convention, Kyoto Protocol and further negotiationsCourse notes
Procedural rules of the climate negotiationsCourse notesPowerPoint presentation
Treaty Law, drafting and interpretationCourse notes
Negotiation skills for lawyersPowerPoint presentation
 Compliance in international agreementsPowerpoint presentation
 Flexibility and final clausesPowerPoint presentation
 Legal aspects of the 2015 agreementPowerPoint presentation
 Enjeux de la COP21, formes de l’accord, place des CPDNPowerPoint presentation
 Processus de Negociations sous la CCNUCCPowerPoint presentation


NEW! UNEP in partnership with LRI has developed an introductory course to the UNFCCC. It is available through the INFORMEA e-learning platform

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The UNFCCC course introduces you to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and its Kyoto Protocol, which constitute the legally binding framework in the flight against climate change by addressing both the mitigation of emissions of greenhouse gases and the adaptation to climate change.